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Auburn 'Our Story' Videos (more)

Eight Auburn Our StoryVideo segments are now ready for viewing: Denny Swanson demonstrating his antique sawmill; Kenny Bradford sharing 40 years of memories from behind the butcher counter at Massey's Supermarket; Mae Yamada on her family's store and truck farm; Fran Calkins telling stories from decades of kindergarteners she has known from the Auburn schools; and our most recent effort, a 59-minute documentary on Auburn's Northern Pacific Railroad Yard featuring interviews with six local railroad retirees.
All of these programs are available for purchase at the Museum Store for $4.95.

Bob Scarff: Scarff Automotive
Son of Wayland Scarff, the originator of Scarff Motors, Bob tells the story of continuing the family business through the boom times of Auburn the Little Detroit of the West and some down times—and how he and his family have always been a vital part of the Auburn community they love.

Denny Swanson: Sawmills
As he said, it was love at first sight: a behemoth of a machine, covered in blackberry vines, rust and in need of a good home. Retired pilot Denny Swanson fires up his sawmill and shows how he made 18 foot cedar planks for the barn at the Mary Olson Farm.

Sauce Shimojima & Amy Nikaitani:
Truck Farmers
Did you know that about 1/3 of Auburn's residents were of Japanese heritage? Listen to Sauce Shimojima and Amy Nikaitani recall earlier days at the lettuce sheds and truck farms of our area.

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Mae Yamada: Farming and Internment
Meet Mae Yamada, daughter of Japanese immigrants who, like many, came to this country to make money and return home. They had 12 children and ended up staying! Mae generously shares stories of farm life and internment during World War II.