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Fieldtrips at the Mary Olson Farm

The Mary Olson Farm is a one-of-a-kind historic treasure located along the Green River in Auburn, WA. It is comprised of seven historic buildings, a century-old orchard, a year-round stream with annual salmon runs and extensive pastures and woodlands.

Fieldtrips to the Olson Farm create connections for students between past and present,  the land and what is grown, and our natural resources and the role we play in their management. Students engage in hands-on experiences that will inspire a love of the land.


$5 per student/ 1 chaperone per 10 students admitted free. Farm fieldtrips have a 20 student or $100 minimum.

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Fieldtrips@auburnwa.gov or 253-876-1937


o   Offered Tuesday- Friday

o   Elementary: 9:30am, 11:30am., 1:30pm  

o   Middle School: 8:30am. or 11:30am      

o   Farm Fieldtrips are 90 minutes long

Food on the Farm
Grade Levels K-2 (Offered Year Round!)
In this interactive tour students discuss where many of the foods we eat come from and get some hands-on experience planting seeds, churning butter, pressing apple cider, and feeding chickens. Students use their observation and analysis skills to discover and explore many aspects of farm life.
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The Salmon Situation
Grade Levels 6-8 (mid October - the first week of December Only)
In this interactive program students witness firsthand the wonder of the salmon lifecycle. Through water testing, habitat observation, and native plant identification students determine what makes a good habitat for salmon and discuss human impacts on salmon populations. Fieldtrips often coincide with salmon spawning season.
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