A Newsletter of the White River Valley Museum

July 2005

Independence Day:
How We Celebrated

by Alyssa Shirley Morein, Curator of Collections

Fourth of July observance, c. 1890
Early Auburn studio photographer, Otto Pautzke took this image
of an early Fourth of July observance, c. 1890.
Identifications on file  WRVM #376

Men in 1885
Joe Shimojima celebrates with baseball, Pacific, July 4, 1932.  WRVM #3124
Fourth of July Parade, Railroad Avenue, Kent
Fourth of July Parade, Railroad Avenue, Kent  WRVM #1349
The Liberty Bell national tour
The Liberty Bell made a national tour to celebrate Independence Day. The train left Seattle late
and was going to skip its Auburn stop. Seeing a large crowd gathered, local trainmaster
Ole Ohlsen arranged for it to stop after all. Here it sits in front of the Auburn Depot, July 14, 1915.
WRVM #3663

The Zeeuw family
The Zeeuw family with Scotty McGee and wife in Zeeuw's Overland auto decorated
for the July Fourth parade, Kent, c.1914.  WRVM #1510

Alyssa Shirley Morein